Gladstone District Gem, Rock & Mineral Club Inc.

When did the Gem-Club first start off in the Show Ground pavilions?
The club first started in the pavilions in 1966. Initially, only one side of the building was concreted and the club held a working bee to concrete the other side of the pavilion.

When did the Gem-Club build their own club-rooms?
Building application for the original club-room was made to Gladstone Council on 24th April 1991. Extensions have since been made to the club to provide an additional 2 rooms to cater for silver-smithing, faceting and provide kitchen and toilet facilities.

How many times a week are the club-rooms utilised?
The club-rooms are utilised 3 times per week on Wednesday, plus Wednesday and Friday nights. Also approximately 18 week-ends per year for casting sessions or club meetings. The club has also been utilised on week-ends to hold sessions for children or for specific lapidary work-shops. The Central Queensland lapidary club also holds meetings at the club-rooms on week-ends. Club Christmas parties, social evenings and presentations have also been held at the club-rooms in the past.

How many members does the club currently have?
We currently have 67 members many of whom are retired from full-time work.

How many people have been taught lapidary work during the history of the club?
The club has been in operation since 1964 and has always held membership of around 60 people. Based on over 53 years of operation, with a turnover of 20 new members per year, this equates to over 1,000 people who have learnt some sort of lapidary skill from the club.
The club has hosted Lapidary Shows at the show grounds which utilizes both of the pavilions, the kitchen facilities and the grounds.